• October 2015 – Rainy season, life in the tropics

    September saw the monsoon rains arrive suddenly in Pattaya and as is often the case caught many people unprepared. The rain here comes in such large volumes and so fast, so take time to read these few simple tips: Keep all windows closed, keep a battery operated torch and candles and a lighter handy as […]

  • September 2015 – Weather or not Thailand’s the place to be?

    As I sit down to write this months forward, I cant help thinking about the catastrophic terror attack in Bangkok, it was act of insanity, what can drive a person to such a deed? But then, it’s all been said and there’s nothing I can add. Instead I want to focus on the positive. Thailand […]

  • February 2015 – The Chinese culture runs deep

    19th February 2015 is the start the Chinese ‘Year of the Sheep”. In the last issue I wrote about the disappearing Russians from the Pattaya property market and mentioned that, amongst other nationalities flling the void, the Chinese visitors are steadily growing in numbers each year. With more and more Chinese enjoying increasing freedoms and […]

  • Editorial
    January 2015 – Happy New Year 2015

    Opportunities in crisis for smart buyers, while real estate developers learn to adapt. The Pattaya property market has seen some drastic changes during the last 10 months due to the Russian Crimea crisis, and the devastating affect that has had on the Russian economy. Consequently the very poor exchange rates of the Ruble has all most […]

  • November 2014 – Hanging up your boots?

    There comes a time in a footballers life when they can no longer keep up the pace and pressure of playing football, retirement is referred to as ‘hanging up your boots’.  For some of us it’s selling off our tools of the trade, or simply leaving the office for the final time. But maintaining the […]

  • June 2014 – Baan Plai Haad Reaches Milestone

    Last month Sansiri’s elegant Baan Plai Haad reached the half way height in construction, and is well on the way to becoming one of Pattaya’s newest iconic landmarks. Located on Wong Amat beach, this two tower development consists of one 31 storey tower and smaller 7 storey building, built by Sansiri, one of Thailand’s top […]

  • June 2014 – Let’s Wait and See…

    ITS GETTING HARDER TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION Recent events in Thailand have created a huge problem for the property development industry. Uncertainty is always a threat, buyers, banks and businesses all revert to, “Lets wait and see”. Its a paralysis that slows down the whole process from investment, construction and sales. So what should […]

  • May 2014 – Rising Prices in Bangkok help Pattaya

    A wise man once said a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere in China and it causes a tornado somewhere in the world? The introduction of the BTS (skytrain) in Bangkok, which began operating on 5th December 1999 (Kings Birthday), fueled a new stage of real estate development in the city. The huge problem of motor […]