• From Publisher
    Mayor Ittipol Khunpluem
    Pattaya into the future

    As you can read on our news page, there are some big changes about to happen at Pattaya’s City Hall in June, as sitting Mayor Khun Ittipol, also know as Khun Tik, will step down with his team as his second four year term comes to and end. I can only hope that for the […]

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    January 2016 – Happy New Pattaya 2016

    20 years ago it was the place that people came to, but never would admit it, for fear of being badly judged. It was so small that today, you’d be hard pressed to find a local over the age of 25, that was actually born here in Pattaya. They do exist of course and many of those ‘Pattayans’. are now very […]

  • From Publisher
    December 2015 – Always Growing

    The Pattaya Property Guide is evolving. This is our first issue in A4 size, a new front cover and a slight change to design on the inside. The distribution is also changing with more copies going into Bangkok, aimed at Thai and foreign investors looking for seaside property. Since we first launched just over five […]

  • November 2015 – Times are changing in Pattaya

    Goodbye foreigners hello local Thai’s When I first came to Pattaya in 1990 there were no estate agents or brokers as we now them now, there wasn’t a local newspaper, magazine or website. The market was run by Thai’s and most properties were advertised in ‘lawyers office windows’. The first ‘foreign’ estate agent was NT Realty who opened an office on […]

  • October 2015 – Rainy season, life in the tropics

    September saw the monsoon rains arrive suddenly in Pattaya and as is often the case caught many people unprepared. The rain here comes in such large volumes and so fast, so take time to read these few simple tips: Keep all windows closed, keep a battery operated torch and candles and a lighter handy as […]

  • September 2015 – Weather or not Thailand’s the place to be?

    As I sit down to write this months forward, I cant help thinking about the catastrophic terror attack in Bangkok, it was act of insanity, what can drive a person to such a deed? But then, it’s all been said and there’s nothing I can add. Instead I want to focus on the positive. Thailand […]


    If there’s one thing I dislike about the social network revolution, it’s those who use it anonymously to masquerade as something they’re not, or those people who cantankerously make negative comments to stir up people with information that is not accurate, accountable or accredited. I can accept criticism when delivered by name and I have the chance to explain or respond, if people […]

  • May 2015 – What are friends for?

    A friend of mine who I’ve known since we were nine years old, (a long time) called me from the UK and asked me. “is now a good time to buy property in Thailand, or should he invest in the UK market?” which he felt was a more predictable market. I said, “Honestly I don’t […]