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January 2016 – Happy New Pattaya 2016

20 years ago it was the place that people came to, but never would admit it, for fear of being badly judged. It was so small that today, you’d be hard pressed to find a local over the age of 25, that was actually born here in Pattaya.

They do exist of course and many of those ‘Pattayans’. are now very wealthy people due to the fact they bought the cheap land, which now sells for 100’s of times more than they might have paid for it. Gradually these wealthy locals began to build the city we see today and as the tourist dollars rolled in, it
made them richer and they built bigger more beautiful buildings. Even many of the foreign visitors, were so taken by this fantastic place and the opportunity it offered, that they too began building.

Now the tattoos all seem less of a concern as the bright new Pattaya has grown up and become a respectable member of Thailand’s most adored, tourist dollar earning destinations.

We love you Pattaya, Happy New Year.

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