Bang Saray Tropical House Company, experienced and successful Pattaya property developers, are to build a huge mixed accommodation village in Bang Saray, called reen Cascade. Just a five minute walk to one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, the project is 27 rai with 6 condominium buildings, 16 lake

An eco friendly tropical resort village, residents can enjoy the harmony of Thai nature all around with large open paces, magnificent views of the lush tropical landscape, the tranquil horizon of ocean waters and mountains ‘Green Cascade’ has an abundance of amenities, the resort contains twelve swimming pools including a children’s pool, a lake and a fresh waterway canal along the resort.



Closer to Nature…Green Cascade


A spokesman from Green Cascade explained, “The natural environment still fills us with a sense of awe and amazement, security and comfort. In a world where we are educated to understand the scientific, the economic, the logic of knowledge a modern lifestyle demands of us, nature still has mysteries that we may never fully understand.

In a world of self-driving cars, smart phones and iPads we force our environment and live in an artificial order, as a result, we have distanced ourselves from the earth, even though our survival is completely dependent on it.

Green Cascade’s concept is to help us regain our connection to nature, it will provide a more harmonious, relationship between with nature, Green Cascade is designed with nature in mind.

The architect has found a balance between comfortable ergonomic living spaces with the natural surroundings, expressing the natural beauty inherent in the materials and location”.

Suit your needs

‘Green Cascade’ has a a variety of different residential houses and condominium apartments in sizes to suit your needs. Four types of houses are set around the natural lake, the pool and garden. 16 Lake Villas of 154 sqm, 24 Pool Villas of 126 sqm, 22 Garden Villas of 100 to 150 sqm, and 25 Town houses of 84 to 125 sqm.


The condominium apartments are 35 sqm 1 bedroom units, and 70 sqm two bedroom apartments. Each unit is carefully designed to maximize space and make the most of the stunning resort’s lake and pools, the sea and mountain views that surrounded the ‘Green Cascade’. Residents can enjoy the amazing views from inside and outside the resort.

For more information www.greencascade.com


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